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Mei Loh-Becker graduated from Hotel Management School in Switzerland. Prior to becoming a Realtor she owned a wholesale business of imported home furnishings and operated five-star hotels around the world. Born in Malaysia now residing in Las Vegas since 1998 Mei Loh-Becker have had many homes in between - Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore

She is blessed with her many unique experiences and world travels which allow her to relate and connect to people of various background culture and ages.

She brings with her a wealth of proven success and knowledge of real estate practices and offers a personalized service to her clients. With over 90% of her business being introduced to her by her clients Mei Loh-Becker's primary goal is to advocate an uncompromising approach to protecting her clients' interest at all times!

Call today at 702-325-0799 or email mei@sweethomelasvegas.com.

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